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PCB Engineering

Component Analysis and Selection #

Electronic components are both the source of our product excellence, and a major driver of the flow of materials for any circuit board. Ensuring the right parts are selected, available, and will

Schematic Capture #

For designs that are already prototyped, and where Bills of Material are complete, or where your project needs to re-engineer an existing design, Exact’s team is experienced and trained in using many standard EDA tools including:

  • AutoDesk Fusion360
  • Altium
  • EaglePCB
  • KiCAD
  • Cadence Allegro
  • Mentor Expedition

Physical Design #

With complete schematics for a design

Design-For-Manufacturing #

Manufacturing of SMT electronic circuit boards can be intricate, the final cost of fabrication and assembly of a PCB depends on many factors, but human skilled labor still acts as a major driver of both time-to-market and unit price. Our team is intimately familiar with the factory floor process, and along with our IPC qualified technicians, we’ve built hundreds of boards. Before any design is sent out for fabrication, our team can ensure the correct use of machine friendly board features and component choices on your design.

Manufacturing Supervision #

We work directly with local Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers to offer hands-on support during early/prototype and volume production, ensuring the smooth hand-off of ECAD data to our partners.